疫後新常態 - 3S


The time thief is the tech propellant.

2019冠狀病毒病(COVID-19)肆虐全球已經兩年,期間大家經歷停工、停課、在家工作等等,就像被偷走了兩年時間一樣。疫情好轉後,社會形成了一種「新常態」(New Normal)。 傳統的實體會議往往需要大量的時間去安排,而且於會議場地方面亦有諸多限制。疫情期間,大家都逐漸熟習進行網上會議,亦深深體會到其效率和優點。

在「新常態 」(New Normal) 下,網絡會議成為工作上不可或缺的一部分,可靠穩定的產品及新科技將提升其會議體驗。





Strong combo  (強大組合)

強強聯手 ─ 商用耳機與會議設備及系統的專業品牌 

Poly由藍牙耳機製造商Plantronics與視訊會議品牌 Polycom合併成立。作為影音通訊行業的翹楚,Poly繼承了前品牌傳統設計清晰俐落的影音產品,讓你無論身處任何地方都能以專業姿態參與會議和進行其工作。


Commercial Speakerphone X Conference Appliance & System

Poly - the leader of the video and audio communications industry. Born from Plantronics (headset and speakerphone manufacturer) and Polycom (video and teleconference products and solution specialist), it carries the dual heritage with beautifully designed and engineered audio and video products that let you be seen and heard with incredible clarity, wherever you work, allowing you to join meetings in a professional manner in any environment. 

Apart from their featured conference appliances and solutions, Poly also has collaboration solutions and cloud services, which provide insightful analysis data, and with its unique remote peering technology, it takes you far beyond mere connectivity.


Simplify your work



A transformative way to work

Seamlessly multitask, work in whichever mode you want, and handle heavy workflows with high-speed processors, blazing enterprise-grade graphics and pro-level storage. 

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Smart living  (智能化生活) 



現在小熊- 啤酒熊 再次出現在你的生活中,啤酒熊是一個簡單、可擴展的智能控制系統及產品,智能化、人性化、節能化等特性助你打做理想家居/辦公環境。


Smart & Control

Do you still have your childhood teddy bear with you? Might be not. When growing up, you took the teddy bear to bed with you and almost everywhere, it gave you comfort, companion and happiness, we said goodbye to our childhood teddy bear as we have been told to become an adult.

Yet, BeerBear is now your new buddy. It might not be the same teddy bear you used to have, it is a smart control system that would be accompanying you on your mobile phone.

With its intelligent and humanized technology and energy-saving function, BeerBear helps you to create an ideal home/office environment. An easy-to-use app with a clean and clear interface, you can easily control all of your devices and system remotely, such as access control and home security, smart switch systems like pre-set air-con/heating. It keeps you notify so that you can enjoy the day and/or focus on your work without worrying.